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At first, Susan was overwhelmed with bills from her son’s wilderness therapy program. But by completing a simple form, OnPulse provided her with a Billing Assistant and a clear plan for insurance claim submission. Now Susan is seeing approved medical claims and cash back in her pocket, while her son continues receiving the help he needs.

Have you paid cash for behavioral health treatment without filing the services with your insurance for coverage?

Do you need help appealing or correcting claims your insurance company denied?

Do you need to submit your own pre-authorization for an upcoming procedure or health service?

If you answered YES to any of these, then you are in the right place

Insurance Shouldn’t Be So Confusing

  • It often feels like insurance companies create hidden rules and complicated restrictions so your claims are easily denied for coverage.
  • For successful claims, you’ll need to be prepared for months of having to advocate for yourself, hours of calls responding to numerous records requests, excessive demands for medical necessity proof, and other on-going time-consuming tasks.
  • One single month of claims processing for a Wilderness Program, Therapeutic School, or Residential Treatment center averages 10 hours of a time commitment for the average consumer.

You deserve confidence in claim success and clarity on your reimbursement potential.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

We are patients.

We are parents and caregivers.

We are medical billing experts.

We know how exhausting the insurance process can be and we are here to help!

Our team of Billing Assistants is comprised of expert billers and certified coders from varied backgrounds to ensure you receive exclusive, specialized advocacy. OnPulse Billing Assistants provide comprehensive claim filing for a simple, flat fee. You can focus on your life, while we focus on submitting claims and advocating for your rightfully due coverage.

How It Works

Fill out form

1. Complete our Form

2. Receive a Benefit Analysis

In order to determine your potential for claim reimbursement.

3. Get a Billing Assistant and a plan.

3. Relax and focus on what’s important.

We have saved our clients…

Over $1,000,000 dollars!

Over 9,000 hours of time!

Choose Which Best Describes You

Our health assistant will contact you soon and we invite you to tell us your story.  This is a brief, free discovery call for the purposes of learning more about you and gathering information about how we may serve you. No services or diagnoses will be provided during this call. All information is confidential