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A new value-based health benefit for organizations and families.

Care Teams. Health Assistants. Billing Assistants.

As the company’s Human Resources Manager, Kathryn often worried about friends at work suffering with chronic health issues. She felt helpless watching them struggle to find the right providers and treatments. And when healthcare spending continued to increase year after year, she knew something had to change. That’s when she called OnPulse and received a team and a plan to help her organization thrive.

Would you like a customized solution that allows you to target high-risk claims and high-cost pharmacy?

Do you want to proactively serve employees and avoid unnecessary costs?

  Are you seeking a solution that helps   your employees become better healthcare consumers?

If you answered YES to any of these, then you are in the right place

Your Benefits Should Work Harder for Your Organization

Premiums are going up every year and budgets are stretched thin.

Traditional wellness & case management programs are ineffective with employee engagement & managing costs.

Employees are not equipped to be better healthcare consumers.

Human Resources is not equipped to answer all employee health-related questions.

You Deserve a Better Way to Approach Healthcare.

We Care About the Things at the Top of Your List

We know you want to control cost & help your people get better care.

We Care About Your Experience.

We Care About Your People.

We are healthcare professionals and we are here to help!

How It Works

1. Make An Appointment

2. Get a Team and a Plan

3. Focus On Your Organization’s Growth

Your company’s path to value within the health system is unique to your organization and your employees.

  • Save 10-50% On High Risk Claims, As Well As High Pharmacy Costs. 50% 50%

Over 3,000 Employees Served.

Over $1 Million Dollars in Costs Saved Annually.

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